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Register to Vote in Florida

Please vote this fall to keep local schools local and to restore the right to vote to ex-felons.

If you are already registered, we recommend you request a vote-by-mail ballot, it’s going to be a long and difficult ballot this year. Find the contact information for your supervisor of elections.



Puerto Rico needs our help, please go to the Atheists of Puerto Rico Web site to donate to the group.

Ateistas de Puerto Rico


You can help victims of the recent storms, and insure your money is not going to a religious group. Foundation Beyond Belief is raising funds to help secular groups assist people effected by the storms. Go to Foundation Beyond Belief

The Atheist Forum


Sundays from 7 to 8 pm

The broadcast will be available

  • on the internet at TanTalk1340.com,

  • on mobile devices using the “TuneIn”, application,

  • and on the following frequencies in the Tampa Bay area –

    • AM WTAN 1340, WZHR 1400, WDCF 1350,

    • FM WTAN 106.1, WZHR 104.3.


Listeners can participate by calling 727-441-3000, we have four lines to take questions and comments.

All programs will be archived on the Atheists of Florida web site, www.talk.aof.ngo. There is also a forum setup to continue the discussion after the broadcast.

Atheists of Florida is seeking guests for the Forum and will offer advertising on the program for other Freethought organizations to promote their special events or seek membership from listeners. Contact our production office at: af@talk.aof.ngo

The Atheist Forum continues an outreach tradition begun in 1993. It affords an opportunity for members of the freethought community, now quite numerous, to have an outlet to explain their position to a broader public, and recruit new organization members.  Many well-known guests will be interviewed and take questions on, important topics of the day, and new explorations of hidden aspects of human nature and the natural world.  There’ll be a few chuckles along the way, and local news too. Tune in and participate; give us your ideas, opinions and arguments.  Celebrate the forum’s open-ended possibilities for expanding our community. 

Now is the time to make a difference: you are that difference. 

Tune in!

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