We welcome all whose concern is to positively contribute to the advancement of human well-being through clarity of thought and the application of rational principles.

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 It  with great sadness that I announce that our friend
wife of one of our founders, has died. See more details.


What we do:

  • Secular invocations at various local governments
  • Atheist Forum production studio. We now operate a three-camera facility with a completely separate control room. Wireless microphones for the talent permit a variety of studio set-ups, from individual speakers to multiple participants either sitting in chairs with side tables or behind a desk. We are gradually compiling our programs for viewing.
  • Financial support for the Tampabay Coalition of Reason which provided community events, such as Darwin Day, with speaker Daniel Dennet, and the Winterfest Potluck.
  • Guest speakers. including:
    • Jerry DeWitt – Hope after Faith
    • Ryan Cragun – What You Don’t Know About Religion (but should)
    • Jonathan Smith – Are Science and Religion Compatible?
  • Participation in University of Tampa Events:
    • Speed Faithing – representatives of various groups setup tables and talked to participants about their beliefs, or lack thereof
    • Be at Peace not Pieces – a panel on peace, social justice, and interreligious violence
  • Regular donations to Tampa Bay Harvest. Attendees at our meetings brought over 100 lbs of non-perishable food to donate to TBH.
  • Members have provided pet food, or monetary donations, used to assist homeless and low income pet owners keep their pets.
  • Quarterly family fun day and potluck.

To defend the complete and absolute separation of state and church.

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