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New 10 commandments released

  1. Be open-minded and be willing to alter your beliefs with new evidence.
  2. Strive to understand what is most likely to be true, not to believe what you wish to be true.
  3. The scientific method is the most reliable way of understanding the natural world.
  4. Every person has the right to control over their body.
  5. God is not necessary to be a good person or to live a full and meaningful life.
  6. Be mindful of the consequences of all your actions and recognize that you must take responsibility for them.
  7. Treat others as you would want them to treat you, and can reasonably expect them to want to be treated. Think about their perspective.
  8. We have the responsibility to consider others, including future generations.
  9. There is no one right way to live.
  10. Leave the world a better place than you found it.

You can read the ones found in the bible here (well at least an English translation of them)




The Tampa Bay Coalition of Reason honored our own ED GOLLY with the Matt Cooper Memorial Lifetime Achievement award Saturday 12/6/2014.

Ed getting award



Mr. Golly has been a director of Atheists of Florida since its formation in January 1992. Elected to the first board of directors, he has served in the capacity of every officer position and Chairman, sometimes holding multiple positions and remains a director to this day. He has produced the newsletter, attended outreach events, and has produced the Atheist Forum Public Access TV programs and Webcasts. His passion for sustaining the organization in large part was his hope of attracting the very kind of member that Matt Cooper was. Mr. Cooper brought intellect, integrity, experience and passion to the organization.
“Matt was the once-in-a-decade member that comes along who makes all the effort to keep the organization functioning for so many years worthwhile,” says Ed Golly. “Although I was acquainted with him for only a couple years, it was clear to me that he would have evolved into a major contributor to our organization and its cause. It is a genuine tragedy that his life was cut short by cancer. We all had so much to learn from him. It is truly an honor to be the recipient of this award given in his name.”
Mr. Golly is an active volunteer in the community, doing medical transport in his private aircraft through Mercy Flight, Vital Flight, and CAIR Flight. He is a member of the American Civil Liberties Union, Sierra Club, and Florida PIRG. Other organizations he supports include the Tampa Theatre, WMNF Community Radio, Meals on Wheels, The Spring, and The Humane Society. He is a fine example of the difference all of us can make in our community.