Dixie County School Superintendent

Electronically Transmitted

Mike Thomas, Superintendent
Dixie District Public Schools
Cross City, Fl 32628

Dear Superintendent Thomas,

According to the National Coalition Against Censorship, you issued a directive on September 8 to prevent teachers from using books that contain any “profanity”, “curse words” or the rather broad category, “inappropriate subject matter”.
If this is true, Atheists of Florida would like to object. We oppose unnecessary restriction of age appropriate reading material. This includes the bible which contains violence, incest, murder, etc. and thus meets your criteria for exclusion.

The vaguely defined “inappropriate subject matter” allows a great deal of lee way for books that discuss race, gender, religion, sex, science, and other important subjects that may be considered controversial, to be excluded. Excluding a book just because one person may consider the subject to be offensive raises serious First Amendment concerns.

Please rescind this directive and follow established school policies governing instructional materials. As is stated in the Policy manual, under District Philosophy:
“To implement this philosophy, it is necessary that educators, parents, lay citizens and students work in harmony with due respect for different opinions. ”

Yours in reason,
Judy Adkins
Vice President
Atheists of Florida, Inc.