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Pinellas Park City Council

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  1. Many of us have always been fascinated with the history, culture, art and religion of ancient Egypt. It was a culture that lasted for over 3,000 years and was the first great empire. However, although the culture was long lived, it too functioned on the fact of humankind’s penchant for denial and self-delusion (as Stephen Pinker, cognitive psychologist and linguist has pointed out in “The Blank Slate”). It was maintained by their religion, with its hundreds of gods and temples. The idea of human resurrection has a history extending over millennia. It was part of the Egyptian Osiris myth and the belief in the Pharaoh’s resurrection and life after death (an oxymoron), thus the impetus for embalming, mummification and the building of the pyramids, magnificent cultural and engineering achievements. Other cultures also had resurrection myths and reincarnation, and it is a central part of Christianity with its belief in Jesus’s being a “god” and his resurrection. To a considerable degree organized religion is based on humankinds, ignorance, fear, guilt and recognition and terror of death. In that regard organized religions are sort of con jobs, frauds, and lies based on ignorance of the real, natural world and how it works. What is really feared is the loss of memory, consciousness and the self. However, at death, although individual memory, consciousness and self is lost, the body’s component parts are not completely destroyed because energy and matter are never destroyed for it is only transformed (E=Mc2), and returns to its original particle and sub-particle components. We are, as Carl Saigon noted, “star stuff” and will return to that state.
    There is of course, a higher power, nature, the natural world, which we as a species delude ourselves in believing we can control, just like the ancient Egyptians, who believed that through their many gods, temples, and prayers they could control the Nile and therefore their climate and environment. Certainly, human history, cultures and art are fascinating. However, the human species over the millennia demonstrates an appalling ignorance about nature and the natural world and its workings. Will we continue in that deluded tradition?
    However, the Egyptians, were different from us in that they recognized and had a reverence for the beauty of nature and its importance to their relationship to the environment. This is reflected in their monumental constructions and thousands of hieroglyphs, which are abundant in the depiction of plants and animals of all kinds relating to the life giving Nile. We unfortunately, do not as a modern species, nor do many of our contemporary cultures, have this reverence for nature and the environment. And unless we change, our “gods” will not save us.

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