Longwood Cross

Here is what we sent to the people below in support of the FFRF request to have a cross removed from the city Commission chamber:


  • Mayor Joe Durso, jdurso@longwoodfl.org,
  • Commissioner John Maingot, jmaingot@longwoodfl.org,
  • Commissioner Ben Paris, bparis@longwoodfl.org,
  • Commissioner Brian Sackett, bsackett@longwoodfl.org,
  • Commissioner Mark Weller, mweller@longwoodfl.org,
  • Orlando Sentinel Reporter Martin Comas, mcomas@orlandosentinel.com

Atheists of Florida wants to add it’s voice to the request from Freedom From Religion Foundation to have the cross removed from the City Commission chambers. According to city-data.com, 59.3% of Longwood residents have no religious affiliation. We ask that you honor the majority of your citizens and remove this symbol of Christianity from a government office.

According to the article in the Orlando Sentinel, the person who created the cross did not ask for it to be placed on government property nor does he care where it is placed. Surely there must be a more appropriate place for the cross where all the citizens of the community can see it and that is not on government property.

If the bible referred to in the Sentinel article is on public display, that should also be removed. Since 16% of your population is Catholic, if the bible is not on the translation list approved by the Apotoslic See, it may also not represent a large segment of your citizens.