Pinellas Park

submitted on 10/10/2017


I am requesting a copy of the procedures and policies related to invocations presented at county city meetings.

If no policy/procedure exists, the answers to the following questions:

What criteria is used to determine who will be invited to give an invocation?
How are the people contacted?
Please include a copy of the standard correspondence that is used to invite participation. (this is not a request for a copy of every correspondence sent, just the standard correspondence used to invite participation, if there is a recommended format.)
What instructions are given to anyone giving an invocation?
What is the amount of time allocated for the invocation?
What is the restriction on how many times the same person can give an invocation in a calendar year?
How often is the list of eligible participants updated?
Is there a designated substitute if the scheduled person is unable to attend?
Is there a disclaimer on any printed agenda distributed at meetings that the commission does not endorse any particulate religious view? I have reviewed the agendas available online and did not find a disclaimer included.

I would prefer the information be provided in an email, or a link to an online document.

Thank you for your time and effort in responding to this request.

Yours in reason,
Judy Adkins
Vice President
Atheists of Florida Inc.

Why we asked:
Here is what we found when we did an analysis of who gave invocations in 2017
as you can see, there one only one non-christian that gave an invocation.


Date Speaker Religion sect comment
9/21/2017   christian   heavenly father stated we gather in your name
9/07/2017 pastor Dan Baker christian   used in jesus name
8/24/2017 Mr. Ed Taylor christian catholic council member
8/10/2017 Deacon David Sirrianna christian catholic  
7/24/2017 Pastor Bryan Sailor christian    
7/13/2017 Pastor Dan Baker christian    
6/22/2017 Pastor John Farris christian    
6/08/2017 Father Michael MaSue? christian greek orthodox  
5/25/2017 Sandra Bradbury     mayor
5/11/2017 Pastor Yang christian   mong community
4/27/2017 Pastor Jeff Myers christian    
4/13/2017   muslim   Islamic society of pinellas park
3/23/2017 Rev Robert Jones christian   in the name of jesus
3/09/2017 Pastor Baker christian    
2/23/2017 Taylor christian catholic council member
2/09/2017 Taylor christian catholic council member
1/26/2017 Pastor Farris christian    
1/12/2017 Pastor Baker christian