Children and Religion

It is hard to know how many children are harmed by religious practices, be it withholding health care, using corporal punishment, failing to report sexual abuse committed by a church leader, or emotional abuse.

Sexual Abuse:
According to Wikipedia, Since 1966, the Archdiocese of Miami insurance programs have paid $26.1 million in settlement, legal and counseling costs associated with sexual misconduct allegations made by minors involving non-clergy employees and volunteers, religious brothers and sisters and priests. In the past 50 years, a total of 4,433 priests have worked in the archdiocese.
According to there have been a total of 103 priests in the state of Florida have been publicly accused of sexual abuse.
Of course, it’s not just Catholics, but it is difficult to find organized data on other churches.

Corporal Punishment:
According to the organization Religious Tolerance
“From our study of conservative Protestant books on child-raising, and the content of numerous radio programs on Christian radio stations, it appears that many fundamentalist and other evangelical Christians equate “punishment” and “discipline” with “corporal punishment.” But it is not clear whether the discipline, referred to at the end of this New Testament verse, refers to corporal punishment or to some other form of correction (e.g. removal of privileges).”
“…many Christians will argue that because the Bible is inerrant, that Solomon’s parenting recommendations reflect God’s expectations. Thus conservative Protestant parents are obligated to “beatest him with the rod” as the preferred form of discipline.”

According to a study conducted in 1998 by Rita Swan and Seth M. Asser, M.D., of 172 deaths where medical care was withheld on religious grounds, 140 of them had a 90% chance of survival had they been treated with conventional medicine.

In Florida, there have been at least 2 deaths due to medical neglect of children due to religious beliefs, Amy Hermanson, age seven, died September 30, 1986, in Sarasota, Florida, of untreated juvenile onset diabetes (Christian Scientists) and Michael David Boehmer, four days old, died March 15, 1990, in Lake City, Florida, of a pulmonary hemorrhage (defunct cult called End Time Ministries). Amy’s parents were found guilty but that conviction was overthrown by the Florida Supreme Court. Michael’s parents were not charged with a crime.

Of course Florida is not alone as the chart below from Pew Research indicates:
34 states and D.C. offer legal shield for parents who refuse medical treatment for children on religious grounds