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A retirement fund advisor, tax attorney, or certified financial planner may advise you of the best way to make a planned gift that would benefit you most.

Bequests – Remembering the Atheists of Florida Inc in a will or living trust is one way to support future student achievement. To be recognized appropriately, the following language must be used for a will or living trust to be recognized:

“I give, devise and bequeath to the Atheists of Florida Inc. the sum of ______dollars (or ______% of the estate, or otherwise describe the gift)”
Charitable Trusts:
Charitable Remainder Trust: You may establish a trust designed to provide income to you or one or more beneficiaries for life or a specified number of years. At termination, the trust assets are paid to the Atheists of Florida Inc.

Charitable Lead Trust: A Charitable lead trust is similar to the charitable remainder trust with one exception. With a charitable lead trust, the Atheists of Florida Inc. receives the income payments for a term of years of the life of the individual(s). When the trust terminates, the remaining trust assets and undistributed income revert back to you or your beneficiaries.

Life Insurance: You may provide for a future gift by naming the Atheists of Florida Inc. as a primary, co-primary or contingent beneficiary on your life insurance policy. You may also transfer ownership of a paid-in-full policy to AOF, or purchase a policy naming the APF as owner or beneficiary.
Retirement Plans: Retirement plans can make a desired gift possible by naming Atheists of Florida Inc. as beneficiary of all or a portion of the remainder of the account.

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