Legislative actions

Bills we are tracking for 2018 (session official end date March 9th, 2018).

2018 Fl Legislation of Interest

We provide this as information on areas of interest to Atheists, so you can decide for yourself on your position on the bill and take whatever action you deem necessary to support/oppose the legislation.
HBSBTitle and DescriptionComment
The Hope Scholarship Program; Establishes Hope Scholarship Program; provides program purpose & requirements; authorizes certain persons to elect to direct certain state sales & use tax revenue to be transferred to nonprofit scholarship-funding organizations for Hope Scholarship Program; provides penalties; authorizes DOR to adopt emergency rules for specified purposes.—Beginning with the 2018-2019
106 school year, contingent upon available funds, and on a first
come, first-served basis, a student enrolled in a Florida public
school in kindergarten through grade 12 is eligible for a
scholarship under this program if the student has been subjected
to an incident of battery; harassment; hazing; bullying;
kidnapping; physical attack; robbery; sexual offenses,
harassment, assault, or battery; threat or intimidation; or
fighting at school.

eligible private school may be sectarian or nonsectarian ...
Conversion Therapy; Prohibiting a person who is licensed to provide professional counseling or a practitioner who is licensed under provisions regulating the practice of medicine, osteopathic medicine, psychology, clinical social work, marriage and family therapy, or mental health counseling from practicing or performing conversion therapy with an individual who is younger than a specified age, etc.
66Prohibited Discrimination; Creating the “Florida Competitive Workforce Act”; adding sexual orientation and gender identity as impermissible grounds for discrimination in public lodging establishments and public food service establishments; revising the purposes of the Florida Civil Rights Act of 1992 to conform to changes made by the act, etc.
189 320Access to Clinics; Designating the “Clinic Protection Act”; prohibiting a person from committing certain acts against reproductive health services clients, providers, or assistants; providing civil remedies for those aggrieved by specified violations against reproductive health services clients, providers, or assistants or against certain properties; requiring a court to take actions necessary to safeguard the health, safety, or privacy of specified persons under certain circumstances, including granting restraining orders that may prohibit or restrict the photographing of such persons, etc
41 Passed444
Pregnancy Support Services; Requiring the Department of Health to contract with a not-for-profit statewide alliance of organizations to provide pregnancy support and wellness services through subcontractors; requiring the contractor to spend a specified percentage of funds on direct client services; specifying the entities eligible for a subcontract, etc
206Highway Memorial Markers; Requiring the Department of Transportation to establish a process, including the adoption of any forms deemed necessary by the department, for submitting applications for installation of a memorial marker; authorizing the department to install a certain sign at no charge to an applicant; authorizing an applicant to request an emblem of belief not specifically approved by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration for incorporation in a memorial marker, subject to certain requirements, etc.
130 Marriage Equality; Repealing provisions relating to marriages between persons of the same sex; removing a prohibition on the recognition of marriages entered into between persons of the same sex in this state, another state, or another jurisdiction, either domestic or foreign; removing the definition of the term “marriage,” which limits marriage only to a legal union between one man and one woman, etc.
966 Educational Standards for K-12 Public Schools; Revising the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards; providing that such standards are the minimum baseline core content standards for K-12 public schools; revising the requirements for instructional materials that a district school superintendent annually certifies, etc.Lines 62-66 in the bill states:
Science standards must establish specific curricular content for, at a minimum, the nature of science, earth and space science, physical science, and life science. Controversial theories and concepts must be taught in a factual, objective, and balanced manner.
14291890 Dismemberment Abortion; Prohibiting a physician from knowingly performing a dismemberment abortion; providing an exception; prohibiting a woman upon whom a dismemberment abortion is performed from being prosecuted for a conspiracy to violate specified provisions, etc.


2017 Fl Legislation of Interest

We provide this as information on areas of interest to Atheists, so you can decide for yourself on your position on the bill and take whatever action you deem necessary to support/oppose the legislation.
HBSBTitle and DescriptionACT NOW
HB 989PassedSB 1210PassedInstructional Materials for K-12 Public Education
Includes Requiring each district school board to adopt a process allowing parents or residents of the county to object to the use of specific instructional materials based on specified criteria
HB 841
Indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from consideration
SB 1006Humanity of the Unborn ChildYES
HB 303 SB 436Florida Student and
School Personnel Religious Liberties Act
HB 215Indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from consideration SB 342Public Records/Physician Abortion Reports; Providing an exemption from public records requirements for physician abortion reports filed with the Department of Health; providing for future legislative review and repeal of the exemption under the Open Government Sunset Review Act; providing a statement of public necessity, etc.
HB 203Indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from considerationSB 348Termination of Pregnancy; Creates "Florida Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act"; prohibits abortion of unborn child capable of feeling pain; provides parameters for making such determination; requires physicians to report abortion information to DOH; provides criminal penalties & civil & criminal remedies; creates special revenue account to pay for certain costs & expenses incurred by state in defending act.
HB 6547
Indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from consideration
SR 0288 Relief of the Justice-2-Jesus Charitable Trust by the State of Florida; Providing for the relief of the Justice-2-Jesus Charitable Trust; providing an appropriation to compensate the trust for injuries and damages sustained as a result of the negligence and inaction of state government; providing a limitation on the payment of compensation, fees, and costs, etc. CLAIM WITH APPROPRIATION: $240,000.00YES
HCR 109
Indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from consideration
SR 0194 Equal Rights for Men and Women; Ratifying the proposed amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to equal rights for men and women, etc.